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Rook and pawn Index

Welcome Back My Friends ...
- Nigel Short drops a half-point in a 'simple' rook and pawn against rook position

Twelve Rook and Pawns of Christmas 2013

Solutions I-VI
Solutions VII - XII

A Year of Rook and pawn
The goal: 52 posts on rook and pawn endings in 2013.

- Getting the party started

2. Random Rook Endings: Lesson Number One
- Why everybody should know the Philidor position

3. Random Rook Endings II
- Aronian - Anand, from the 2012 London Chess Classic: a gentle introduction to practical rook endings.

4. Super Things II (Random Rook Endings: Lesson Number Two)
- The Novag Super Expert has a bash at doing Lucena

5. Random Rook Endings III
- Akiba Rubinstein: the practical rook endings chesser, apparently.

6. From the opening into the rook endgame
- EJH tries cutting out the middlegame entirely to get straight to the point.

7. Sixty Memorable Annotations #15
- Time for a think.

8. Random Rook Endings IV
- On the difficulty of rook endings.

9. The Rubinstein Method
- Inventing a new terminology: part I

10. Have you ever had one of these?
- Rook plus f&h pawns against rook

11. Random Rook Endings V
- Why Rubinstein is like Bill Hicks

12. Sixty Memorable Annotations #16
- Rook plus f&h pawns against rook: sorted by Nalimov

13. Random Rook Endings VI
- How many rook endings can we expect at the Candidates' tournament?

14. The Campaign for the Preservation of Rook Endings
- On the scandalous lack of rook endings at the Candidates' tournament thus far

15. Double Bubble
- Finally we get a couple

16. EFing Rook Endings
- What a difference a file makes

17. Magnus versus You
- Technique: you've either got it or you haven't

18. Final Score
- The Candidates' rook ending league table: Radjabov wins!

- Cut off along a file or along a rank? It's a matter of technique

20. Super Things III
- Blogger vs Novag Super Expert revisted

21. Random Rook Endings VII
- Ending 57: the best theoretical rook plus pawn vs. rook position there is

22. Purposeful Shuffling
- Trying to win a drawn rook ending

23. Core Lesson 21: Skewers
- What every school child should know

24. Sixty Memorable Annotations #17
- Nalimov, it's uses and abuses

25. Sixty Memorable Annotations #18
- The short-side defence

26. Random Rook Endings VIII
- The toughest R&P v R there is?

27. Get Lucky
- Phil draws a 4v6 rook ending

28. Why Luck Matters
- Lucky rook endings: being right for the wrong reasons

29. Magnucide
- Magnus blows another one

30. Sixty Memorable Annotations #19
- Don't Panic

31. Amateur Hour: The Morrissey Question
- A blogger reflects on his rook ending experience in 2013

32. Amateur Hour II: One That Got Away
- Not making the most of an opportunity

32. Amateur Hour III: The Adjournment
- Old school sealed move followed by an entire playing session devoted to rooks and pawns

32a. Knightmare! Scenarios 4: Just Rooks, Pawns and Kings
- An article on rook endings from an old in-house club magazine

33. Amateur Hour IV: One Small Step For a Blogger
- Sometimes you can let your king get cut off on the back rank: a baby step forward in understanding

34. They're (not) Off
- Penarth chess: Rook endings that didn't happen

35. Random Rook Endings: The Brits
- Four rook endgames from the first week in Torquay

36. Howell Wins
- Half a dozen moves of rook endings is enough to secure the British Championship

37. Cheap book on rook endings klaxon
- Minev's A Practical Guide to Rook Endgames

38. Rudd's Rook Ending
- Jack Rudd's 4 v 4 rook endgame from Penarth

39. The Survival Guide to 4 v 3
- Not getting a pawns on the side same ending against a Grandmaster

40. Sixty Memorable Annotations #21
- A birthday treat: a 40+ move rook ending shuffle

41. Sixty Memorable Annotations #22
- Any move draws?

42. BORP? XX
- Is knowing rook ending theory a waste of time?

43. Random Rook Endings: Principle Number One
- Checking Distance

44. Sixty Memorable Annotations #23
- Just deserts.

45. Sixty Memorable Annotations #24
- Before rook endings there are pawn endings.

- Rook against pawn: which way to go with your king?

- Rook's pawn on the 7th, attacking rook in front.

48. RRE: Chennai Edition
- Two rook endings from the Anand-Carlsen match

- Another pair of rook's pawn on the 7th, attacking rook in front.

- Do you know the Vancura position when you see it?

51. A Blogger Goes Chessing in Hampstead: BORP? XXV
- Is playing out winning rook endings when you have two connected pawns against nothing a waste of time?

52. A Blogger Goes Chessing in Hampstead: Play More
- Lucena and its numerous variations.

53. 53
- Chessbase engine gets the evaluation of a rook and pawn ending completely wrong.

54. The Total Perspective Vortex
- There’s a lot to rook and pawn endgames

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