Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Wire

If you're a Charlie Brooker fan (and if you're not you should be seriously asking yourself why) you will already have read Screen Burn in yesterday's Guardian. Of course if you're anything like me, i.e. too cheap to shell out for an actual paper, you'll have got it online for free.

To save you going to the trouble of actually clicking on that link I just gave you, this weekend CB is writing about The Wire, a programme he has described in the past as,

"the best TV show of the past decade"

but he's now upgrading his assessment to,

"... the best TV show since the invention of radio."

I've never seen The Wire before. If I wasn't actually boycotting amazon at the moment ...

[long story short, they're feckers who take longer to send me the stuff I order than it would take me to walk to the subcontinent to talk to their 'help' desk in person rather than have them ignore my emails of complaint.

I like to think the current crisis on the world stock markets has been brought about by my one man crusade against the amazonian winkers but alas, I fear this is not the case. Still, we can but try. Hmmm, I appear to have got side tracked and this aside has not been as brief as I'd intended.]

... I'd be tempted to start buying it on DVD. Of course I could just get it at Costs a few quid more than gitazon but at least the stuff I order from Play actually arrives. Can't have everything I suppose.

While I try to balance out my desire to bring down a capitalist monolith against my inner tightwad's need to save £6.99 I'll just watch this chess scene. Apparently it's from series one ...

[Edit: Justin reminds me to thank Urban75 posters Dillinger4 and kyser soze for their assistance]

Complete list of videos we've mentioned on the S&BCC blog available here.


Anonymous said...

say my man how yawl livin.
didn't learn no new stuff bout chess but sure did my elocution a whole shit load a good. yawl know what am sayin.
never thought of callin a pawn a m----- f----- till now.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Brooker. Isn't she in Eastenders?