Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adams Wins

At 41 minutes past noon yesterday Loek van Wely pushed a knight to c5 and offered Michael Adams a draw. At 41 minutes and not many seconds past noon Adams accepted and thereby secured the half point he needed to finish clear first in the strongest chess tournament held in Britain in the last two decades (according to the Staunton website at least).

I'll be coming back to the Staunton on Thursday but for today since Adams-van Wely wasn't much of a final game ...

... take a look at a position Morgan acquired during a casual encounter played in the bar the day before.

Black to play

Black's managed to get just about everything en prise but was still able to find a very pleasing combination to win the game.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It's not a mate but is the answer: 1... Ng3+ 2 hg Qxf1+ 3 Rxf1 Rxf1+ 4 Kh2 Rcc1 5 g4 Rh1+ 6 Kg3 Rxh4, leaving Black with a rook and White with a knight?


Chris Morgan said...

How about 1..Ne3, 2 Re1 Rxc1 3Rxc1 Qf1+?

Jonathan B said...

Well Angus has what Morgan actually played. I'm not sure about Chris' suggestion of ... Ne3. I'll have a look at it.

Anonymous said...

That should have been "Alekhinesque" of course!


Anonymous said...

1... Ne3 fails to Nxf8


Jonathan B said...


your line certainly works so I started looking at alternative White responses to 1. ... Ne3.

To be honest I was started to be convinced by it but then I put it on Fritz who pointed out that after 1. ... Ne3 Black wins in all lines bar one. Unfortunately White has one move that knocks Black out.

Anonymous said...

Qxf1! followed by Ng3!, Rxf1 and Rcc1 mates


david said...

...which is 2. Nxf8 (threat 3. Qxh7++)


Tom Chivers said...

Wasn't the king on g8, the h7 pawn on h6? I reckon with Morgan playing, the black a-pawn would definitely have moved as well!

Jonathan B said...

Qxf1! followed by Ng3!, Rxf1 and Rcc1 mates

Not quite my anonymous friend ... White can play g3-g4 and the king escape. Your line does transpose into the winning line given by Angus earlier.

Wasn't the king on g8, the h7 pawn on h6

Possibly - I scribbled the position down pretty quickly.