Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Memento III

Black to play

If Black tries 1 ... Re2 here it leads, after 2 Re7, to Memento II. Does s/he have any better ideas?

This is the End Index


Anonymous said...

I would think Kf8 is worth a shout, because Rxh2 is then a threat. If Kf6 with a mate threat, then Ra6 check will defend. If White starts to roll up the pawns with h3 and g4, the Black king is correctly placed to draw the KRP v KR position that's the eventual outcome. As a general structure thing the position of white with pawns on h2,g3,f4,e5 against pawns f7,g6,h5 with Kings on g5 and g7 ought to be drawn as it can be a middle game defensive idea to head for it. So it all depends on the positioning of the rooks, in particular the defending one. Actually the King may be better placed on e7.

Anonymous said...

1...h4 intending selfmate by 2.gxh4 Rg2#. Alternatively, 2.Kxh4 Rxh2+ 3. Kg4 Kf8 etc

Anonymous said...