Sunday, December 02, 2007

Old in Chess III

Short-Kramnik, Amsterdam 1993

"... in the middle of the night Short suddenly woke up and started to wonder why on earth Kramnik had resigned in the final position. His nocturnal brain-racking did not yield any clues. Kramnik's explanation the next morning was a little more helpful: 'Because I was stupid'. More amazed than amused Short kept searching for a waterproof winning method. Whether he found it, as he suggested several times, or not, as others claimed several times is only partly relevant."

Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam

"I was somewhat surprised by Kramnik's decision to throw in the towel, but I was too embarrassed to reveal my ignorance at not having seen the path to victory."

Nigel Short

New in Chess 1993/5


ejh said...

What does the computer say?

Anonymous said...

1... ed5 2. b6 Rc8 3. Na6 Ke6 4. b7 Rd8 5. b8 Rb8 6. Nb8 Kxe5 7. Kc3

Is this not winning?


Anonymous said...

Hmm. 3... Rc1 maybe not so clear cut.

Anonymous said...

I always resign late. I am terrified of resigning in a position where I still have chances.

ejh said...

I always resign late but often agree draws far too early...

Anonymous said...

I wonder which player (say 2600+ or equivalent pre ratings)generally does/used to resign the earliest. I would expect it is Ivanchuk who I think has resigned a clear pawn down with maybe a rook and 2 pieces each.

Jonathan B said...

Well, since that debacle of mine - which Justin has pointed out here before - I'm not even going to resign I've been mated anymore. Just in case I haven't been.