Tuesday, January 10, 2006

CJ de Mooi index

No thank you, CJ
New In Chess has one too many
De Mooi the merrier
When will they ever learn?
CJ, The ECF and Constable Savage
The man who would be mentioned
The mysterious appearance of Ray: the ECF responds
This is not a blog post
Nor is this
Some questions for the ECF AGM
At what point does this become embarrassing?
Immediately, if not before
Constable Savage again
Rumours II
Rumours III
Considering the possibility
Tales from the Breakfast Club
Nothing will come of nothing
Keeping things vague
Something's gone wrong again
What are buildings with the people gone?
Talking Tokens
Won't find out
Predecessors VIII
All our yesterdays
Cynicism and gullibility
Back from the dead
Death of a subscription

A Literary Reference index

Goodbye To All That (Graves)
The Big Sleep (Chandler)
The Quiet American (Greene)
A Mad Man Dreams Of Turing Machines (Levin)
Smiley's People / The Russia House (Le Carré)
Z For Zachariah (O'Brien)
A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (Joyce)
Funeral In Berlin (Deighton) **
The Dream Of Macsen Wledig (from The Mabinogion)
A Long Lunch (Hoggart)
Marianne Dreams (Storr)
The Tempest (Shakespeare)
Einstein's Dreams (Lightman)
The Name Of The Rose (Eco)
A Bad Night For Burglars (Block)
Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell)
Anna Karenina (Tolstoy)
Youth (Coetzee)
Wolf Hall (Mantel)*
Northern Lights (Pullman)

** (plus The Berlin Defence... and Deighton time)
* (plus J'adoube)

also see:

Forbidden Planet (Fanthorpe/Muller)
The Mill On The Floss (Eliot)
Night Train To Lisbon (Mercier)

avant la lettre:

Before The Frost (Mankell)
Lush Life (Price)
The Shadow Of The Wind (Ruiz Zafón)

not to mention:

How HJR Murray didn't tell it (Gonick, The Cartoon History Of The Universe III)