Monday, December 21, 2015

Apparently Got Something to do with chess XII

They first meet as ten-year-old chess prodigies - both lonely, intent on winning, both wearing the symbol of the gold coiled serpent. They know the uses of pleasure, the secrets of pain, the impact of evil turned upon itself. They understand the deadly forces that grip the world in swift violence, and sudden death. But only one man may be the Grandmaster.

Or so it says here.

A better bet than Los Voraces 2019 as a self-given Chrimbo gift, perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

I got the original version when it game out in 1986. By the way another old novel (1983) featuring chess play, Walter Tevis's The Queens Gambit', is being published on Kindle next April and used copies are available on Amazon. I recently reread it it having forgotten most of the detail in the intervening years. I think it is probably the best so far in this sub genre. I prefer it to both Nabakov's and Kraai's excellent efforts particularly in the ways it describes the preparation for competition and the struggles on the chess board.

James McDonnell