Friday, December 18, 2015

Definitely Got Something to do with chess XII

The rules of "The Greatest Tournament in Chess History," the USD 20 million Sheldrake Memorial Tournament, a.k.a. Los Voraces 2019, are: no seconds, no agents, no computers, no entourages, no pagers, no power palms, no phone calls - no outside contact of any kind - as the fourteen greatest chess players in the world gather to compete for money and fame.

Or so it says here.

Anybody read this? I was wondering if it might make a reasonable Christmas present to myself.

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Jon H said...

I believe that this is based on the series that Soltis did for the old (and excellent) Chess Cafe website, before it succumbed to the need to become a commercial web-enterprise.

I read it back then (2000? 2001?) but IMHO it was dull and predictable. The sort of chess-based thriller you or I might write. But of course these things are a matter of taste - and in fact it is probably no worse than a number of mainstream novels that I've struggled to get through in 2015.

Anonymous said...

Jon h is right. Awful stuff.

Andrew Gelman said...

On the plus side, the book should sell very well, given that there are 605 million people worldwide in its potential audience.