Monday, October 27, 2014

A Pair of ISEs or An Exchange of Exchanges?

White to play
Karpov - Kasparov, World Championship Match 1990 (Lyon) Game 13

The same World Championship match as last week’s post (Day of days), albeit in a different city on a different continent.

White to play another ISE? Maybe.

Karpov did indeed go 20 Rxc3 and after ... Bxc3, 21 Ne4

Black to play

Gazza returned the material with 21 ... Rxe4.

Whizzing through the game I’d assumed that this sequence was - like Kramink - Illescas 1994 - an exchange of pieces foreseen by both players. As it happens on this video recorded after the match, Karpov reckons Kasparov simply missed White’s 20th and the counter sacrifice is the best way to limit Black’s disadvantage thereafter.

Still, I’m going to bump my ISE count by two anyway.

2014 ISE Count: 61
TISE Index

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