Monday, October 20, 2014

Day of days

White to play
Kasparov - Karpov World Championship Game 4, New York 1990

Last Friday’s post from EJH marked the 43rd anniversary of the sixth game of the Fischer - Petrosian Candidates’ Final. We’re revisiting another 17th October today too, although we don’t have to go quite as far back for this one.

It’s not exactly a coincidence. You play World Championship Chess for a century or more, you’re going to have plenty of examples of two or more important and/or memorable games being played on the same day.

I wonder, though, what the most significant date for chess history is. Has anybody ever worked it out? If not feel free to make a suggestion in the comments box. Or just enjoy Gazza leaving an exchange en prise for ten moves before Anatoly finally bit, if you prefer.

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Matt Fletcher said...

In terms of games, the "Game of the Century" (Byrne-Fischer, 1956) was another one on 17 October.

For birthdays, if Wikipedia is to be believed, 11 GMs including Gurevich, Hjartarson, Gipslis, Averbakh were all born on 8 February.