Friday, December 12, 2014

In energetic fashion

Here's a chunk of Ray's Times column for today. If it doesn't already look familiar to you, it will very shortly.

It is not entirely unlike the column he wrote for the same newspaper for 15 December 2010*

which itself bears certain similarities to the column for 29 November 2011

and contributed a little bit to the column for March 16 2013.

It's not even the first time this week. Or the second.

Yesterday for instance, the note to Black's thirty-eighth in Nakamura-Adams

was by a remarkable coincidence identical to the note he supplied for the same move

when he annotated the same game in his column for 21 December 2011.

You may choose to regard that as an improvement: last time he copied from that column

it was for the Sunday Times for 25 November 2012 when apart from making some cuts, presumably for reasons of space

he basically copied out the whole thing.

Then there was his column for Tuesday for 9 December 2014 which is adapted, mostly loosely, from his column for 23 December 2013. There are various traces of recycling, like for instance the note to Black's eleventh

which is borrowed from its earlier counterpart

but I think the notes to White's tenth are the most spectacular.

9 December 2014 (or was it 23 December 2013?)

23 December 2013 (or was it 9 December 2014?)

Now that's what I don't call a complete innovation.

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