Friday, March 12, 2010

An invitation to Benasque 2010

How would you like to play in the beautiful surroundings of the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the top international open in Spain? The annual Benasque tournament, which has been awarded that status, will celebrate its thirtieth edition this July. It's a ten round tournament (this being one fewer - mercifully - than in 2009) the first round taking place on Thursday 8 July, the last on the morning of Saturday 17.

You can print yourself out a copy of the entry form from here: the Benasque tourist office is here. You'd be very welcome. If you come, you may not wish to play a very long ending in the fourth round: it's the day of the World Cup Final.

Pop quiz: in the middle photo, name the players with White on board one and Black on board two. (If you can name any of the others, so much the better: but with one exception, maybe two, your quizmaster can't.)

Images: Chessbase, Luis Pita.

[Benasque reports 2009: 1 2 3 4]


Anonymous said...

Does this create a problem for players who wish to play in both Benasque and Andorra? The last round of Benasque is in the morning of 17 July and the first round of Andorra is in the afternoon of the same day.

Anonymous said...

The entry form gives the round times, but not the default time. Is it 60 minutes, 30 minutes or 0 minutes?

ejh said...

Re: the first question, I don't know, but the organisers probably would. I know a bus is sometimes laid on to take players to the next tournament, and Andorra is not so far away, but it sounds like a tight schedule to me!

Re: the second question, again I don't know - but again, I guess the organisers would.

ejh said...

White on board one is Elizbar Ubilava, Black on board two is Sergei Kasparov. As I recall he wore that shirt pretty much through the whole tournament. In July.

You can see Julio Granda Zúñiga on board five and I think the chap walking on the right is Azer Mirzoev.