Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Richmond etc

Three videos for your viewing pleasure today.

First up we have another video from Peter Lalic showing a selection of his photos from last Sunday's Richmond Rapidplay. Thanks to Peter once again for his contribution; his GCSEs' loss is the S&BC Blog's gain.

Next we have one from the file marked 'WTF?'...

... and finally there's this promo video for Ghost Stories which is on at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, until 17th April. It's a marvelous play, I urge anybody who might enjoy being genuinely scared to go see it, but its releveance to a chess blog? For that, my friends, you will have to wait until next Wednesday.



Tom Chivers said...

Was the Open seriously weaker than usual, or were there a serious number of surprises?

Btw - re don't let your indecision take you from behind. Is this something to do with making a luft for the king?

Jonathan B said...

I always thought that line was, you know, a bit rude.

Jonathan B said...

But if I *had* been thinking more like TC I wouldn't have been back rank mated (again) last night.

SLalic said...

A couple of IMs were there (Sherwin and Buckley), but the event did clash with a few other tournaments.

Richard James is still on line to attend all 100 Richmond Rapidplays - just under 2 years to go!