Saturday, February 21, 2015

Newly Discovered Interest II

Oh yeah, there was also this. The photo in New In Chess is, I think, this one (or one very similar).

Now when you see Boris Johnson in a photo like that, what do you see? Do you see what Boris and the promoter want you to see? Or do you remember, for example, this, or this, or this?

So perhaps Boris and chess are a good fit after all. If only because in chess, as in the career of Boris Johnson, you can get away with anything provided nobody asks any awkward questions when the time comes to ask them.


Anonymous said...

Boris is one of the few popular politicians in the UK. The link is to a Guardian article from 2012, but little will have changed since and similar material is published periodically.

One of the objectives of Malcolm Pein's CSC charity is to have chess taught as part of a regular school day, so the support of politicians in power is a side objective.


ejh said...

I rather think the fact that Boris Johnson is a racist buffoon is more important either than his popularity or whether he might be of some small help in the promotion of chess