Friday, February 20, 2015

Newly Discovered Interest In Chess

Boris Johnson, a keen chess player.

Such is the claim in the latest New In Chess. Evidence for the contention in the caption is welcomed*. But not, especially, anticipated.

[* Of course Boris used to be Ray's editor while Ray was recycling old material at the Spectator, but I don't think that really counts.]


Jonathan B said...

Boris spoke at the opening ceremony of the classic this year. To his credit he rather dismissed suggestions that he was a good chess player and then spoke with some apparent enthusiasm about - but evidently not a huge amount of familiarity with - the game.

"Keen" can mean practically anything, of course.

ejh said...

I am sure New In Chess will be able to show us, for instance, a selection of his old games. Or his previous comments on chess. Or something. Anything.