Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simplicity II

White to play and win?

Following on from last week, just a king and a queen for each side today.

So what's going on?

Today's position was taken from GM Jon Speelman's 'Practical Endgames' column, Pergamon Chess Vol 53 No 2, May 1988


Anonymous said...

1 Qc5+ Kb3 2 Qb5+ Ka3 3 Qa5+ Kb2 4Qb4+ then if 4...Ka2 5 Kc2 wins or 4...Kc1 5 Qd2+ Kb1 6 Qc2#


Superchess said...

Qc5+ wins trivially. White will check Black until he forces Ka2 and then Kc2 wraps it up. Black can`t escape along the first rank or a Qd2 & Qc2 will mate and he must stay close to the BQueen or will lose it to a skewer.

Anonymous said...

1. Qc5+ Ka2 2. Kc2 Qb2+ doesn't quite "wrap it up".

Superchess said...

Sorry, didn`t realise Anonymous was such a patzer. "White will check (from the b-file)until he forces Ka2 and then Kc2 wraps it up".OK? What a muppet...

ejh said...

It's possibly better to accurately state the variation you're discussing rather than to call someone a muppet and a patzer when they point out that what you've written doesn't work.

Incidentally, what's with this contemporary use of "muppet" as a term of abuse? The Muppets were clever, entertaining and imaginative. And nobody would have insulted Miss Piggy to her face.