Saturday, March 06, 2010

Definitely Got Something To Do With Chess II

Deep Blue
In '97 I voted for you
As Sports Personality of the Year
I thought at least
You’d get the Overseas

Or so they say here ...

Bonus item: the bloke down the front proving that
if you've got a bald patch you're too old to mosh

... to do with chess Index


Tom Chivers said...


Anonymous said...

As recommended on this blog by me a year or two ago. Frankly I'm shocked and appalled that you're jumping on the bandwagon now just cos they're going to be No 1 next week, though not with this song obviously*;)


*or anything else

Anonymous said...

Yes quality stuff, especially the Deep Blue lyric. Bet no one in the chess world ever came close to thinking of this. Saw HMHB at Reading festival in the late 80s. Those were the days!
Makes me keen to go and see them again. Anyone up for a Streatham Blog outing to see them next time they play London?
Strikes me that they should be one of Justin's favourite groups. Maybe they are.

Tom Chivers said...

I'd like to see them live, definitely.

Tom Chivers said...

My next handle may have to be 'Dennis Bell of Torquay'. And I've had some good handles (Ihaveagirlfriend, Jurchessic Park, RealMenResign...)

Jonathan B said...

I wonder if there really was a Dennis Bell from Torquay playing on yahoo chess.

Anonymous said...

If there is a Dennis Bell, I wonder how easy it would be to get him to play Nxe3 before checkmating him. I wonder if he would smell a rat if say you managed this 3 or 4 times in a row. That said suppose he would have logged out after the first attempt.