Monday, March 29, 2010

Grandmasters of the cats II


with his grandmaster, the late Vasily Smyslov, who died last Saturday.

I'm sad to hear of his passing: of all the world champions he was probably my favourite.

[Photo: Dagobert Kohlmeyer, Chessbase]


Anonymous said...

Vasily is smiling thinking "Tricked you! You only know the Catalan".

Anonymous said...

Why was Smyslov your favorite ejh?

ejh said...

In the first place, I like the way he played and in the second, he doesn't seem to have managed to do anybody any harm.

I also liked the run to the Candidates' Final in 1984. And he liked cats.

Anonymous said...

"he doesn't seem to have managed to do anybody any harm."

Interesting (especially as it's from you, EJH) and maybe admirable. The people I admire most are the ones that say what they think and stick their neck out (which doesn't mean they have to be undiplomatic and might mean that they are clumsy).

Probably a completely inappropriate response but it reflects my mood.

Anyway, I wonder: were there any situations were Mr. Smyslov was called on to take sides?


Anonymous said...

Did he sign the infamous "anti Korchnoi" letter following his defection in 1976?

Bronstein and Botvinnik (the irony!) are often mentioned as non signers, as is Gulko. Equally Tal is mentioned as a signee (much to the disappointment of many of his numerous fans)

But I've never heard VVS mentioned regarding this, one way or the other.....

ejh said...

Belka ("Squirrel") is the subject of a piece by Oleg Pervakov in the current New in Chess, as a result of reading which I have altered the reference which previously read "her grandmaster".