Friday, April 04, 2014

Welcome Back My Friends ...

So 2013

from Alex Baburin’s excellent Chess Today

A won Theoretical Rook Ending (FYI: this is #58 of the 100 Endings You Must Know) plus half a second’s lack of concentration and a finger slip = 1-0 becoming 1/2-1/2*.

It’s  a show that never ends.

Nigel Short Index
Rook and pawn Index

* Dig one of your books out or Nalimov it and you’ll discover both that 71 Ra8! is +- and that with Black’s rook on b8 71 Kd6! - triangulating - is the move that wins. 

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Jonathan B said...

With apologies to anybody who assumed from the title that they were going to be getting a post about the English Chess Federation.