Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nigel: the experts speak

It was educational to read and hear the various neurological experts on whom the media called for their expertise and opinions following Nigel Short's "hardwiring" and parking comments.

Radio Four, for instance, had Professor Gina Rippon.*

The Guardian had Dr Dean Burnett.

And the Spectator?

The Spectator...

...had none other than Tony Buzan.

[* roughly 18:30-22:30]
[Thanks to Michael Yeo]

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O.G. Urcan said...

Why does Raymond Keene's Spectator piece refer to an "interview", as opposed to an article, in New in Chess? And why does he discuss "logic", which was not a point mentioned by Short. "Logic" merely cropped up in inaccurate headings in some newspaper reports. So did Keene write without having even read Short's article?
- Olimpiu G. Urcan.

Anonymous said...

Provided you accept the premise that there's historic underachievement in results achieved by female chess players in comparison to their male counterparts, isn't Ray Keene just making what should be a relatively uncontroversial point that it's down to social and cultural reasons?


ejh said...

He may well be, but that may not be the issue in this particular instanse.

an ordinary chessplayer said...

Keene should have put "scientifically" in quotes, to signify, "in this context, the word has no meaning".

@O. G. Urcan - Why ask why?

@RdC - Uncontroversial before Nigel Short weighed in, you mean.