Sunday, April 05, 2015

Nunn that I'm aware of

It's an interesting question...

...but since you ask, did Dr Nunn actually ever become a professor? I wasn't under that impression.

Maybe he did. Maybe they'll tell us in the show. Do listen.

[Screenshot from yesterday, so the broadcast listed as "tomorrow" is actually tonight. I'm guessing it may also be on iPlayer for a while. Or download here.]


Nigel Short said...

No he didn't.

Anonymous said...

As far as I recall the story, he had reached the level of "junior lecturer". Spending cuts in the early 1980s lead to him losing the academic job and finding an alternative vocation as a top 20 GM. His contemporary in the Olympiad teams, Jon Mestel, survived the cuts and became a Professor. Journalistic licence presumably as the career change was a forced move rather than an optional one. At least that was how it was portrayed at the time.