Thursday, October 25, 2007

How A Tournament Should Be?

Here's an advanced date for your diary: 16th-17th February 2008.

The place, Brentwood in Essex - up to only 35 minutes on the train from central London.

The occasion? The Second Brentwood International Chess Tournament.

And what's so good about the tournament?

Well, the prizes are actually serious money for once. £1000 for first place in the Open; £400 first prizes in both the Under 170 Major & the Under 110 Minor. Plus generous second and third place prizes, and several grading prizes too. And if last year is anything to go by, there'll be some seriously challening opposition too. Last year's tournament featured 231 competitors, the Open won by Grandmaster Nicholas Pert in a field that boasted three Grandmasters and five International Masters.

So, do you think you'll make it?


Anonymous said...

Ah Essex... land of my fathers.

Perhaps I will come out of my tournament retirement for this one.


Anonymous said...

Maybe, but it is Charlton-Watford on the Saturday if both out of FA Cup!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it clashes with the tournament I hope to play in again which last year had a first prize of £1500 (for players with ratings <2200 ELO) and a total prize fund of £9000. A bit more difficult to get to than Brentwood though.

Anonymous said...

I like the under 170 Major which means I could play . Coulsdon 8-9 Dec also has an under 170 but obviously not as many people or as much prize money. Ill probably go if I win a game before February . 0 out of 5 for me this season so far.

Anonymous said...

Fairly safe to say you'll be available methinks Andrew.

ejh said...

I dunno, remember your run last season?

Unknown said...

i should learn to play chess in London, for poonds. For poonds would make me rich when i return to my coontry.