Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cover version: Kings of Convenience

Kings Of Convenience, Riot On An Empty Street (Astralwerks, 2004)

[Thanks to Morgan]
[First in an occasional series]


ejh said...

My efforts to find out whether the shot features an actual game position, possibly from a book, have foundered in the face of a couple of non-functioning email addresses belonging to the gentlemen in the band.

hylen said...

What about her email address? Any luck there? ;)

Niall said...


You do realise she's probably in her late twenties by now?

Ah well, no accounting for taste!

luke said...

inside sleeve has an alternate shot I think of the position . Need to check (nice pun eh?) . Also - a chess board is on their recent album's cover too! I don't think Quiet is New Loud has on e though?

ejh said...

Declaration of Dependence