Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chesser's Delirium

I am unwell. Not 'unwell' as in 'Jeffrey Bernard is unwell' and not 'on my death-bed unwell'. Just plain 'unwell'. Unwell enough to not really feel like writing the planned follow-up to WwwK XXII, though, which is why you're reading this post instead.

I shall spare you the icky details - suffice to say I wouldn't want to go through Monday morning again - but I will share one thing. I first realised I was sick when I woke up the middle of the night feeling awful. As I began to feel worse and worse this thought started playing over and over in my head:-

As long as I can get bishop to e7 in, I should be OK.


David Fowler said...

On a kind of related note, I was visiting someone in hospital the other week - I took the stairs to get to the ward, but used the lift to get back down. Southampton General Hospital uses letters for its floors, so when I got to the main reception level, the automated voice said "C floor".

Which I thought was an OK move, but I'm more of an E floor person myself...

Tom Chivers said...

The sanctuary and safety of the closed lopez eh.

David R said...

Dear God! Uncanny stuff far too close to home. Really hope all is well.

I was seriously ill four weeks back, delerious, delusional and hospitalised. As they scrambled to plug me into wires, machines and stuff, I asked them to stop a minute - I needed to tell them something. The medics paused as I haltingly gasped "don't play ...Bd6; it loses. Promise me!" They looked at each other, nodded knowingly, and got to work.

I'm not kidding; that's how it went. Hence I can scarcely believe what Jonathan has written. I'm fine now. Hope he is soon.

Jonathan B said...

David, sounds like you had it much worse than me. I didn't end up near a hospital or any formal medical help. I just shivered a lot, puked a lot then lay rather listlessly re-watching Generation Kill on DVD.

I went back to work today after a couple of days off. Probably a day too early but I was really bored. Should be back to full fitness by Friday, glad you're on mend too.

Weird we should have such similar experiences though.

Anonymous said...

Back in my youth I had just played some stupid amount of club matches and weekend tourneys without any break. In the last of these I had played Bg5 and the oppo then played e7-e5. I missed Be7 winning the exchange. It was time for a break for a few days after that.

ejh said...

Like this only not as bad?