Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rumours III

Some questions for Ray Keene, and his replies:-

@Berlin_Endgame 18:43 Monday 31st January 2012
Ray, what's happened that made you kick this off again last night and follow up with it today?
@Times_Chess 01:18 Tuesday 1st February 2012
What do you think ? someone shd ask lara barnes herself what recently happened-that wd dispel the rumours very quickly!!

@ahmcfarlane 16:40 Tuesday 1st February 2012
THe ECF Board is dealing with this. What is your source of rumour?
@Times_Chess 16:46 Tuesday 1st February 2012
if board dealing with it then it must be true and is no longer a rumour but the truth!! ergo no source needed

There's more, much more, but I leave it to you to search it out for yourself should you be so inclined. I'll also leave you with the question of whether RDK's responses are actually answers, if you don't mind.

Meanwhile, in breaking news, the ECF speaks ...


Anonymous said...

I suppose a theory is that Lara tentatively approached CJ about the matter of sponsorship for the 2012 British (she obviously is interested in obtaining some from any available source). In the course of this she may have prefaced her approach with some form of apology in an attempt to "clear the slate".

By combining an additional apology with an appeal for money, this has been interpreted by De Mooi and/or Keene as 1) a grovelling apology and 2) "evidence" that the British 2012 is running into trouble. Both i imagine are of the opinion that a British Championship that is unlikely to attract the best players is "in trouble". Others might attach a wider range of criteria.

The original tweets certainly seem to suggest that de Mooi and Keene remain in regular consultation. For the good of English chess, of course.


Jonathan B said...

Who knows, Richard, who knows?

I would hope, though, that neither Lara nor anybody else is, "interested in obtaining some from any available source". That kind of thinking is what brought us here in the first place.

ejh said...

Of course if the sponsorship for 2011 only appeared, as a windfall, because another event was conveniently cancelled, that it's not improbable that 2012 may be struggling to attract similar financial support.

Still, perhaps a deus ex machina may appear. Would anybody be surprised?

Robert Pearson said...

The first installment of the Best of Chess Blogging Carnival is up! The Best Of! Chess Blogging, Part I: Openings

Anonymous said...

In light of their sponsorship money being paid over to CJ to disperse, it seems unlikely that Darwin will be contributing again.