Monday, March 26, 2012


It's been a tough week. Last Saturday I found myself watching the horrible events unfold at White Hart Lane, pretty much in tears. While what was going on was obviously awful enough in of itself, it was a painful reminder of when my friend Tom died in 2009.

Coincidentally, there was a CRY event in Tom's memory at UCL on Tuesday as part of a nationwide screening drive. I, of course, attended. 

One of the medical forms asked whether I ever got heart palpitations. All I could think of was time scrambles during evening league chess matches; anyone who's ever seen me in the middle of one will agree that I tend to be an unholy mess. It felt like a silly thing to mention, but it made me think about just how involved I get in such a situation. Perhaps it's simply the crescendo effect of a frantic finish to an otherwise sedate contest, sort of like cycling sprints. It's something that just doesn't happen in squash or cricket, my two other weapons of choice.

Thanks to CRY, I now know I'm healthy. If you're 14-35, and in the smallest way active, I implore you to get checked out. Screenings are non-invasive and take no time at all. There are still spaces at events in Liverpool, London and Belfast over the coming months. And you can donate to CRY here.

Thank you.

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