Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just Barely Got Something to do with chess VI

Max Maven

This is an area that I have explored in a number of different ways over the years, but rarely have I ever done a full blown set of pieces that explore this in a deliberately progressive, structured way. And I think it's a good theme.

We all have this sense that life is so crazed and if we could only just step back and get a little better vantage point we could, as J. Robert Oppenheimer put it, "make partial sense out of this total chaos". I think we have that feeling and we all know what it's like when someone looks at something and sees more than we do.

If we look at the sky and see clouds - unless they're, like, dark rain clouds - we don't necessarily know what the weather's going to be, whereas a meteorologist can look at those same clouds and have a good chance at being right about what's coming. Or a chess guy who plays chess well can look at a board and see many moves ahead. I look at a chessboard and try to remember, "how does a rook move?" We all have something like that.

This notion that it is possible to build a vantage point - you build a ladder so you can look down and see how the whole layout is - I think it's something that people can grab on to.

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