Friday, June 28, 2013

Stuck in the middle with you

Here's a column Ray wrote for the Spectator, in the issue for 25 June 2011. It's called In Medias Res.

In the column he annotated the game Carlsen-Nakamura from the tournament in Medias, Romania.

Here's Ray's notes, in slightly larger size for ease of viewing.

A few months later, on January 11 2012, he annotated the same game for the Times. Here's his notes below.

Given that items that appear in the Times are copyright the Times, and articles that appear in the Spectator are copyright the Spectator, I was just wondering whether this one was copyright the Times or the Spectator.

More on Ray's Times columns next week.

UPDATE 28 July 2013: We also find most of these notes in Ray's Sunday Times column of 17 March 2013. Waste not want not, eh Ray?

[Thanks to Pablo Byrne]
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ejh said...

(Ray completists will want to know that he had even used the Spectator title before in the same magazine.)