Sunday, February 23, 2014

A question for Silvio Danailov

From Andrew Paulson's bizarre albeit entertaining screed:

This is quite serious stuff, isn't it? If it's true, than Danailov has a lot of explaining to do. If it isn't, Paulson does. Right?

So let's ask the Danailov campaign.

Email, Saturday 22 February, 11.01 am:

Dear Mr Hristov

Sorry to bother you.

I write about chess and I have a question for Mr Danailov.

Andrew Paulson alleges that Mr Danailov:

spent six months in jail for arms dealing (materiel stolen from the Bulgarian army)

Can you confirm that Mr Paulson's allegation is false? Will Mr Danailov issue a statement confirming that it is false?


Justin Horton

Huesca province, Spain

If a reply arrives, we'll be sure to let you know. If it doesn't, we're sure we can rely on the curiosity of the chess press to follow this matter up.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Mr Paulson's screed is indeed a tour de force for any would-be tv soap writer!

English chess people elected him to be their leader?


Mr Hogg's girlfriend has begged him to stay out of the fray. Lest she be targeted, by the concupiscent Mr Short, in some similar ungentlemanly way as was Mr Miles's paramour as recounted by this Paulson fellow.

Mr Hogg was moved to comment: When elephants fight the grass gets crushed and when elephants make love the grass also gets crushed!

With such chess elephants as Paulson and Short in combat/amour who is safe?