Saturday, May 17, 2014

All our yesterdays

CJ is distressed!

What word is that, CJ?

Ah yes, invoices. CJ never was much good with those.

Well he was good at putting them in for the cash he wanted. Just not so good at getting them to justify the cash he spent.

How much does he still owe us, by the way?

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[For the benefit of the previously uninformed: CJ de Mooi, while President of the English Chess Federation, distributed monies personally to competitors during the 2011 British Championships. He did so by invoicing the ECF for cash to the value of twelve thousand pounds and then distributing it without obtaining any invoices or receipts. No proper explanation of his conduct was ever obtained. Subsequently he requested and received several hundred pounds in travel expenses to attend the 2012 Olympiad in Istanbul: rather than carry out any duties for that money he resigned almost immediately on arrival and proceeded to enjoy a holiday. Attempts to recover the money have not met with any success.]

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