Thursday, February 25, 2016

Highly typical

When we were discussing Reti's 15. Qa1 yesterday, we observed that Fine, annotating the move in The World's Great Chess Games, quoted Hans Kmoch.

What we left until today to observe is that when Ray annotated the same move in the Times, on 27 August 2011

so did he.

Difference is that Ray didn't bother to say so.

The plagiarism wasn't just of Kmoch*, but - as so often - of the first volume of My Great Predecessors.

Here's the whole thing, such as it is. Do enjoy the charming moment when, copying practically everything else, Ray omits Kasparov's improper usage of "literally".

And so it is, Ray, so it is.

Well, it's a model example of something.

[* anybody know where Kmoch wrote?]

[Thanks to Pablo Byrne]

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an ordinary chessplayer said...

Masters of the Chessboard, IIRC (3rd try).

ejh said...

Thanks: looking at Google Books for the 1958 edition we can just catch the first part of Reti's attribution, in which he says Kmoch wrote the notes in a Vienna daily newspaper.

an ordinary chessplayer said...

Kmoch's readers were better served than Keene's.