Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chess a bit more!

Chessabit are a new London outfit, who are about to run their second one-day rapid-play tournament. The event is this Saturday - December 2nd 2006 - in East London. First prize is £500, no less - and best of all, it's not to late to enter. Click the link above for more details.

I took part in their first event over the summer, and I was lucky enough to scrape my way to second place and a prize of £250 - plus a few goodies thrown in from their sponsor. It was a nicely organised event in a novel setting (that time, the Salvador & Amanda bar/club/restaurant in central London.) I'm sure they will have learnt a lot from it too - especially how to deal with cantankerous old timers - and so this next event promises to be even better.

The diagram position is taken from one of my wins that day, and should tell you something about the standard of play required in this kind of tournament. That is, the standard required when the time-limit is all your moves in fifteen minutes, and the grading limit is 175ECF and under.

Black, my opponent, was to move, and he tempted me with 1. ... f6. I decided upon: 2. Nxg6 hxg6 3. Qxg6 White's attack doesn't make that much sense - and 2. Nf3, 2. Bxg6 and 3. Bxg6 were all probably better choices - but real precision is required to defend here, and thus I reasonned the position would gain me 'five minutes of compensation from the clock.' In fact, I got even more from it. After 3. ... Kf8 4. h4 Bf7 5. Qh7 Ne6?? 6. Bf5 Bg8 we reached the second diagram position, below. I just had to spot one of those tactics that are key in blitz, and I'm sure you'll spot it too.

Yep - after 7. Qxg8+! Kxg8 8. Bxe6+ Qxe6 9. Rxe6, the endgame was easily winning for white. Hope to see you Saturday.


StreathamHornet said...

Great website Tom,very professional- I hope to contribute some stuff which will make it more amateurish:)Under 175? Yet more rapidplay "gradism". No worries as off to darkest Royston for the Herts Congress (normally at Hitchin). Happy cheeseing (not a typo) on Saturday btw!

Tom Chivers said...

Streatham Hornet, I wonder who that could be! Watford are the Hornets right? So either Antony or Andrew . . . And wait a minute. I remember a certain Hedgehog where a certain >175ECF someone went into 'cheese mode' after dropping a piece . . .


Glad you like the website anyhow. It's not just me though - Jonathan wrote the article below this one for isntance, about World Championship blunders...

Good look in the Congress - if you're playing on Thursday I'll see you then before the weekend.

BigCat said...

Well guessed, Tom! Blog is very interesting - so I decided to get myself a Blogger name as opposed to anonymous when posting.

Andrew - I may enter 'Hitchin' as well, not sure yet. Royston's the furthest north yet (although not too bad from the house in Norfolk!)


Tom Chivers said...


Why bigcat Antony - and what is it about Watford players and cats?!