Monday, November 27, 2006

Deep Fritz versus Kramnik: Game 2

The second game of the man versus machine contest from Bonn, Germany, starts in just over half an hour. Kramnik will play black - and so, one might imagine, his chances of exchanging straight out the opening into the kind of technical endgame at which he excels - and where Fritz might encounter serious problems - are probably rather less than in Game One. Especially if Fritz opens 1. d4.

ChessBase - who manufacture Fritz - have been covering the event like crazy. Their top five stories are all currently about it. Aside from Yasser Seirawan's analysis (which I linked to from the post about game one) these excerpts translated from a Kramnik interview in German were particularly interesting.

You might think nothing else was happening in the chess world - but that's not entirely true. Check out the excellent news service Doggers Schaak to find out how Loek van Wely won a horse, or how Ivanchuk is getting on in Cuba right now, for instance.

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