Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Have A Happy, Egg-Hunting Easter

"In a medieval kingdom, some hens would lay golden eggs during Easter," report Logicville with all the historical accuracy one expects from the internet. "Every year during Easter, the king would have his knight go throughout his kingdom to collect these golden Easter eggs for the poor." And since we know chess imitates life, or is it vice versa, Logicville devised a chess problem based on this:

Can your knight collect all the eggs, without once hopping on an empty square? The first link above has a clickable board for you to find out. I managed it after several attempts - but through blind luck rather than visualisation ability, I have to confess.

That's it from me for a week, although in the mean-time you might well be treated to the odd post or two from Justin and Jonathan.

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Also through complete luck I collected the eggs. Good job too, that would have got extremely irritating. Right now for a chocolate feast! Have a good Easter Tom.

Anonymous said...

Ouch....those eggs were made of gold not chocolate. Almost broke my tooth.


Tom Chivers said...

They're for the poor of the kingdom, greedy guts :)

Hope you won some money yesterday at poker btw...

ejh said...

I am off to the Costa Brava, where rain is expected throughout the holidays. We will be camping.

Still, rather than than hang around here with this lot.