Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who said it?

"I think of chess as a pain in the neck because the nearer you get to being any good, the more you realise you're never going to be any good! I have enough trouble with snooker let alone trying to delve into something like chess."



ejh said...

Is there any reason not to guess "Steve Davis"?

Anonymous said...

The only reason would be if you didn't know Steve Davis was (and maybe still is) a big chess fan.

Yes that was Steve Davis - from an interview published in Chess magazine (June 1994)

Anonymous said...

A former Streatham player Neil Crabb beat Steve Davis 5-0..... at chess rather than snooker! It was at Dave Norwood's and apparently Steve Davis stayed till the early hours, not wanting to leave but to keep playing chess. Suspect Davis is keener at poker these days.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... That's interesting.

Wasn't - or should that be: Was - Steve Davis President of the BCF for several years?