Sunday, August 03, 2008

Caption Competition

If you can't bother your arse to come up with a witty and amusing caption for this photograph you may wish to take a punt at:-

1. Which of the two participants is intimately associated with the S&BCC blog?
2. Which of us is it?


Anonymous said...

Caption: "Organ Grinder vs. Dancing Monkey (pawn and move odds match)"


okay, I have to know, who is who? ;)

Anonymous said...

As I know TC and EJH I'll presume it must be you JB. On the right?


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, it's Morgan on the right. I know as the photo appeared on his Facebook page :-)


Chris Morgan said...

Backstage at 'Britain's got Talent'

Morgan Daniels said...

Looks like I've been exposed. I shan't tell you who it is on the left, because he still actually has the smallest chance of becoming a decent, upstanding member of the human race.

This game took place recently in an absinthe tent in Cambridge. It is unusual for me, because not only did I open 1.e4(?!), I met my opponent's 1...e5 with 2.Nf3 -something I've never done in serious play. I mated on move 16, if memory serves.