Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why Study the Endgame?

White to play. What result?

Today's title and puzzle, the latter in slightly modified form, can be found in Aagaard's Excelling at Chess. I'll be getting back to why I found them particularly interesting next week.


Anonymous said...

I think 1.Rg5 with the idea of trying to win tempos on the Black king, for example 1... Kf2 2. Rf5+ Kg2 3.Re5 Kf3 4.Kd5 and walking over with the king.


Anonymous said...

Why study the endgame?

Because as I have read
a couple of times

'It sorts out the Men
from the Boys'.

Jonathan B said...

1. Rg5 wins as Armin suggests.

ejh said...

Could you enlighten us as to why other moves do not, or can we expect that next week?

Anonymous said...

Because black N's his pawn with check.


Anonymous said...

Because end of the game there are many complications.
and usually the concentration of the players will be reduced in the final game.
therefore we must often practice