Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PJM's Favourite Moves I

Ego is a necessary element of a sporting contest. Even if there is the strongest respect between competitors, it is not possible for both sides to emerge totally satisfied. Therefore, I hope you will forgive me for starting my own favourite moves series with one of my own, which drew admiration from my opponent's teammates and gave me great satisfaction.

Macgregor - Makepeace, Glorney Cup, Dublin, 2007

17... Bf3!?

As is evident in the game, the bishop cannot be taken. Black should only have a small edge after the accurate 18. Qd2. 

I'll explain on Monday just why this move, which wasn't even the best available, pleased me so much. The context will become clear in light of what I have to say.


Jonathan B said...

... Bf3 is certainly very appealing. Always amusing to put a piece on a square where it can be taken - especially if it's for no immediately apparent reason.

Right now, I must confess, I don't see why White can't just take it. Perhaps if I actually had a think about it I might work out why for myself. Or I could just be lazy and wait for you to tell me.

ejh said...

Blimey, the Glorney Cup's still going.

PJM said...

I've linked to the game...

Jonathan B said...

"Blimey, the Glorney Cup's still going."

That was also my reaction.