Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Worst Move On The Board XVI

Lahno-Artemiev, FIDE World Rapidplay, round nine, last Friday. Position after 68...Qf5-e6+.

It's not the first time I've borrowed one of these from Chess Today (to which publication, I should add, I recommend you all subscribe) and this one is from their issue 4595.

Naturally, almost anybody can find a really bad move in almost any position. But can you find the very worst move in this position? And can you do so at rapidplay speed?

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Anonymous said...

Kf3 allowing Qe2 mate. Perhaps White had just switched off, expecting an imminent draw offer or repetition. If White was playing only because of Black's time shortage, it serves him right. But then wouldn't the tournament have been played with an increment time control, so expiry of time is much less likely?


john cox said...

Presumably 'Lagno' is actually Katerina Lahno, transliterated through a google translator or two?

ejh said...

Quite likely. I'll correct it and hope nobody notices.

ejh said...

Although I notice this. Conceivably either is acceptable? But let's stick with Lahno until somebody tells us definitively that it is otherwise.

Dan Schmidt said...

It's Lagno now according to FIDE.

Graham said...

Катерина Олександрівна Лагно

Reading Ukrainian (
Гг a hard “h” as in “how”
Ґґ “g” hard as in “girl”

AngusF said...

I asked two of our Russian players if they knew. One wasn't sure. The other said definitely 'Lahno'.

Though if FIDE have 'Lagno', I'm guessing that's a change and if it is, it would have been requested, wouldn't it?

ejh said...

That's my guess too, but I'm not changing it back again yet!