Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What a Crockett V

Congratulations to Stephen Crockett

who has returned to the circuit and picked up second prize in the Nottingham Rapidplay, under-135 section

outpacing twenty higher-graded players to do so.

[Crockett I, II, III, IV]
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Steve Crockett said...

Thanks Justin I thought I played pretty well.I will be playing in the e2e4 major next as part 9f my plan for the year to play less and build my grade towards my initial 3 year target of 160.if anyone wants to come along and see my games I can recommend it as an excellent well run tournament and you will see with your own eyes that I don't lose chess games on purpose. Kind regards, Steve Crockett

ejh said...

Thanks for writing in Steve. Trying to build up your grade is an admirable goal and certainly much better than the opposite. But can I suggest that the best way to improve your chess strength is to play opponents of equal or greater strength?

If you were able to reply to my email from some time ago, by the way, I'd be obliged.

Lee Bullock said...

Would be great if Steve finally starts trying and playing in his own section by strength. That's easily events over 140! Anything below is just a joke. Playing in a u135 minor/inter is a joke Steve. Would be great to see you trying and getting 50% scores finally like all of us! My 5 year campaign may of finally come good.