Monday, November 20, 2006

London Transport, Chess Puzzle

Well, they say nothing was working in London this morning. No Central Line, no Circle Line. Delays on the Northern and Picadilly. Strikes on the buses. The night's engineering work on the train tracks not finished on time. Silent thousands fuming on the platforms. Glad I slept right through my alarm and missed it all, frankly.

I don't know anything about this puzzle, except it's called "Scenic Railway." If only London worked so prettily too.


papadoble said...

It was me who coined the name 'scenic railway' for this brilliant and fun puzzle when I posted it here:
on this chessworld forum
about two months ago.
I found this puzzle on a French blog, author unknown.

Tom Chivers said...

And a brilliant title it is too, papadoble.

Anonymous said...

got the solution...nice and pretty