Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ECF Website of the Year: Winners!

Some rather good news has just come my way: we have won the English Chess Federation's Website of the Year Award for 2007. This is the icing crowning the cake of an all-round excellent season for Streatham and Brixton Chess Club: in the London League our Second Team won their second promotion in two years, up to Division 2, whilst our First Team in Division 1 finished fourth despite being nearly relegated the season before; our third place in the Surrey Trophy was our best result this century in that competition; and last but not least, we finished Champions of the Croydon League Division 1, with second places in Divisions 2 and 3.

And what of the blog? Launched in November 2006, the blog has served us in more than one way: as a new way of circulating news, as a forum for chess chat and debate, as an opportunity for those of us with writerly persuasions to reach a wider audience, as a form of publicity that's helped us reach new members and so help stimulate chess activity in south London, and much else besides. But the best way to get a sense for the blog's content, if you're new here, is to sample some of it, of course. So with that in mind...

... here's a brief tour. We start with a health warning: 3.Bb5 can kill! But on a more cheerful note, you might have come closer to beating Kasparov than you thought. And even if not, we on this blog have enjoyed seeing very good players make very bad moves more than once, whilst also analysing how to use computers to make the most out of our own games. And if that's all a bit much, how about a nice, simple puzzle to have fun solving? Or you could just put your feet up and watch some chess on television? Or mix the two.

More seriously, here's my solution to the draw problem in chess, whilst here's Grandmaster Juan Manuel Bellón López's. And oh, if you're not only new here but new to chess, you might want to find out before reading on What is Chess? Those already familiar might want to find out what Bughouse is instead, and what Aronian's doing playing it. Incidentally, do you like cats? And here's some on the board detective work, and quite extraordinarily here's some off.

That should give you a taster of what our chess blog offers, the variety and diversity. You can find the rest of our archives linked to in the sidebar - here is this month's - and we update the blog more or less daily. Of course, down to earth, local posts are important to us especially, whether about stellar efforts at the top of the London League, or visiting our friends and neighbours at Streatham Chess Club. Finally, some posts are more about the comments, and a little personal bragging never hurt anyone.

I hope you've enjoyed this little introduction for new visitors - recap for our regulars - to the English Chess Federation Website of the Year, 2007!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Tom. Nice recognition for the fantastic effort you and others have put in. Well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Really well deserved - I'm one of those 'lurking' readers who never comments, but always looks forward to your posts in my feed reader.

As someone who has recently rediscovered chess, I've this site the most down to earth, engaging and useful out there.

Another Andrew

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Tom, for getting the blog up and running, and to you & everybody else who has posted.

Also curious as to who nominated us! I think it's the first time a blog has won (as opposed to bog-standard website).


Anonymous said...

PS Make sure you put the award at the top of the site so everybody can see it!
Antony (again)

Tom Chivers said...

Thanks Andrew, Andrew, and Antony!

sciurus said...

Congratulations for a well-deserved award! Even though I have no connection to the Streatham & Brixton Chess Club I still enjoy the blog and think it is one of the best on the web.

Anonymous said...

Well done guys. Fantastic job.
I'm looking forward to seeing your scroll of honour: the icing on the cake of a great season for Streatham and Brixton Chess Club.

kingscrusher said...

Congratulations Tom! This is also a great highlighting of the power of content management systems for the potential revival of UK chess clubs - as long as especially it can be shared out among more than one author.

You have inspired me to convert the Barnet chess club site to a blog, and allow other members to edit it. I haven't been editing the Barnet site as much as I should - especially with letsplaychess.com now. The brand new Barnet blog site is at:


Thank you for inspiring it. I will try and spread the word to other clubs about using a blog. Also there is now some more technology for bloggers on the Chessworld Masters collection - check out the View blog code link at the top of master games.

Best wishes

Tom Chivers said...

Thanks Tryf, and good luck with your blogs too. I've subscribed to the RSS feeds so I hope to see more content come flowing through.

I'll also give your videos a plug soon too.