Thursday, July 05, 2007


A few months back, Tom wrote about Chess Now - a television programme about Chess that's so bad I'm tempted to steal the words, "Great God! This is an awful [show]" from Scott. In fact, I rather think he got off lightly. He many have frozen to death in the desolate wastelands around the south pole but at least he never spent half an hour watching the monstrosity that is Chess Now.

We didn't think we could do any worse so Tom and I decided to make our own video to teach chess to the masses. Apart from anything else we thought it time that our non S&BCC readership found out what we looked like.

Here we are in all our glory.

While I'm here I might point out that if you look closely at the sidebar to the left (at the bottom of Our Archives, just below the Blunder and Puzzle Index) you'll see Tom has added a Video Index to enable us to keep track of all the clips we show on the blog.

I'll be keeping it updated so if you want to watch anything from Korchnoi playing chess against a cow to little girls explaining the finer points of King and Pawn endgames (or "ending games" as she prefers to call them) that's the place to look.

Happy viewing.

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