Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Video

Another clip for our video index, another few bob in the bank for Anand.

After Anand's bank manager I'm guessing the person next most pleased to see this advert is Devon Malcolm who can now finally relinquish the title of worst batsman in the history of the game.

At school we had a name for people who backed as far away from the stumps as Anand does. I can't recall it precisely but I'm pretty sure that the word "ponce" was in there somewhere. I've no idea why we took this attitude. Standing up when somebody hurls a cricket ball at you is just insanity. I'm still looking for my left nut after taking a hit in the nadgers during a second XI match circa the early 1980s. Ah well, the possibility of mishap is why we have two of them I suppose. Testicles, that is, not comprehensive school cricket teams.

We - that is Tom - originally found this clip on
Chess for All Ages a couple of weeks ago, although it subsequently featured on ChessVibes and Chessbase too.


ejh said...

Standing up when somebody hurls a cricket ball at you is just insanity

It is on some of the pitches you play on at a comp, yeah. No wonder English batsmen are nearly all public school men (there really is a sizeable difference between the school backgrounds of batsmen and bowlers).

I'll never forget playing for my school chess team at Bedford Modern in about 1979 and, coming back from the toilets, seeing a notice up saying "photographs are now available from the First XI's tour of the West Indies". Hmm, I thought, bet they didn't go in the school minibus...

Jonathan B said...

We had one of those 'matt on concrete' monstrosities at school.