Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Only Kingpin

Rejoice, for issue number 40 of Kingpin is out only two years (and a handful of months) after issue 39.

Rejoice and spend money, for there is much to read. But among the contributors is one Justin Horton, whoever he may be, with some book reviews and a piece entitled It's Only Chess. What can I say? To produce pearls there must always be some grit.

Kingpin is available from chess shops - or contact the magazine directly.


Anonymous said...

"The Great Raymondo" remains an all time classic :-)

Did somebody connected with this blog, write it, by any chance??

Jonathan B said...

I've tried to buy this twice in Chess & Bridge - hadn't arrived on either occasion I went in.

Neither was Kingpin on sale at the bookstall down in Torquay this weekend.


How out is out?