Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chrimbo Shopping

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping by now I think it's a probably fair to assume that at this point you're rather desperate. There's so much chess product to choose from and little more than a week to go. What to get that special chesser in your life?

How about 100 of Raymondo's finest chess books? Not too pricey for the esteemed readership of this blog, I'm sure, but since we mentioned this collection as long ago as August they've probably already sold out don't you think? Perhaps the collected DVDs of Nigel Davies instead? A fine suggestion in many ways but I fear that even if the set does not break the bank the same is unlikely to be true of the floor of any room in which it is stored.

It's a tricky decision isn't it? Tricky, that is, until you discover the Knight Light.

Here's a fun and functional item for the chess or horse lover. It's a Knight Light! This clever lamp adds a comforting glow to any bedroom, den, or game room. Just plug the 18in.-tall lamp in to any standard outlet, turn on the cord switch and enjoy.

If the blurb and accompanying photographs haven't already got you reaching for your credit card then let me tell you that the Knight Light is "UL approved", whatever that means, and best of all the website flogging the thing makes clear it comes "Bulb included".

Satisfaction guaranteed, I think you'll agree.

: with thanks to an anonymous Atticus member for the tip-off.


Martin Smith said...

Does it also come in black?

ed g. said...

"UL approved" means it's certified as safe (for a lamp, that means, "unlikely to catch fire") by Underwriters' Laboratories (a private company, I believe). Most electrical appliances sold in the U.S. are certified by UL.

This has been your daily dose of useless information! You're welcome!

Tom Chivers said...

For the black one, take the bulb out.

Ted Teodoro said...

nothing like an illuminated chess piece to put women in the mood!

an ordinary chessplayer said...

For that you want "The Bishop". Unfortunately not UL approved.