Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The twelve puzzles of Christmas

Nabokov, 1965

White to play and mate in three moves


Anonymous said...

1. Qh7, and now ...

1. ... a2 2. Qb1 Ka7 3. Rxa2#
1. ... Kb8 2. Rxa3 Kc8 3. Ra8#

Is queenside castling a red herring?

Anonymous said...

Easier yes, but I still failed to solve it despite spotting 1 Qh7 and that castling didn't work.


ejh said...

Never mind, eh. I never solve any of them - and I set them.

This one was taken from Chessville: The Nabokovian Problem by Robert T Tuohey.

Ted Teodoro said...

Neat..1. Qa7 a2 2. Qb1! Ka7 3. Ra2# or 1. Qa7 Kb8 2. Ra3 Kc8 3. Ra8#