Saturday, June 26, 2010

Definitely Got Something To Do With Chess III

The clue to a murder in the art world of contemporary Madrid lies hidden in a medieval painting of a game of chess. In the 15th-century Flemish painting two noblemen are playing chess. Yet two years before he could sit for the portrait, one of them was murdered. Now, in a 20th-century Madrid, Julia, a picture restorer preparing the painting for auction, uncovers an inscription that points to the crime: Quis necavit equitem? Who killed the knight? But as she teams up with a brilliant chess theoretician to retrace the moves, she discovers the deadly game is not yet over.

Or so it says here.

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Ryan said...

I've actually read this one after a Russian friend of mine recommended it because they knew I was interested in chess.

He's a pretty good writer, and the chess bits are reasonably well done, but the story as a whole (especially the end) didn't convince.

Jonathan B said...

Hi SoP,

Yup - I've read it too and I've got to agree with you.