Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pump it up

I read this a couple of days ago in Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment and it's really too good not to share

I read the above a couple of weeks ago on Nigel Davies' blog and it is, indeed, really too good not to share. It proceeds, quoting the aforesaid Kundalini:
"I remember once I asked my master why there are so many false teachers in the world. He said,'They create a fence for those who are genuine. By attracting those students who want to get something for nothing, they free the real teachers to work with a smaller group of sincere aspirants'."

This is true of many fields, the one that I know best being chess. It's easy to spot those who attempt to pump their charges with tricky openings...

Now that's what I call philosophy.

Students wishing to explore Nigel's philosophy further are referred to the following books:

Alekhine's Defence
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and DVDs:

The Accelerated Dragon
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A Busy Person's Opening System
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Dashing Danish
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The Pirc Defence
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The Scotch Game
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The Tarrasch Defence
Torre Attack
Untamed Chigorin

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