Friday, June 18, 2010

Little of interest

A brief Friday quiz: who, in a book published in 1985, wrote the following?
Finally I should like to say a few words about the purchase of books on openings. Volumes such as Modern Chess Openings and Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings can give a useful overview though books covering just one variation are a different kettle of fish entirely.

The authors of such books may or may not be experts in the variation they have written about. If they aren't then they will have little of interest to say whilst if they are, they probably won't want to say it.

My advice is to follow the example of masters and grandmasters who generally limit their acquisitions to a selection of
Chess Informants (particularly important), magazines, and tournament bulletins. By filing the appropriate games from such sources you will have access to a more personal, comprehensive and up-to-date source of reference than any chess book could offer.
Answer will appear in the comments box.

[Thanks to JB for supplying the passage.]


Jonathan B said...

For anybody who hasn't guessed the mystery author is indeed our old friend Nigel Davies. He was writing in "Master Chess: A course in 21 Lessons" (Pergamon Press, 1985)

Anonymous said...

I guessed correctly. I must be psychic!

ejh said...

Next time you post something here that you've borrowed from somewhere else, do say so...

Jonathan B said...

EJH's comment above refers to a post that nicked the end of an article from Chess Mind.

I removed the comment here because it seems to have been made for advertising purposes.